Baby Equipment Rentals – Companies that Rent Baby Equipment (US and Worldwide)

Heading out for a vacation? Weekend trip to the amusement park or beach? Holiday weekend with relatives?

Getting away is always fun… especially with the whole family. What’s not fun is packing when you have little ones. It’s tough enough to pack all the baby essentials, toys, diapers and other essentials, but it’s a nightmare when you have to bring along all the baby equipment such as car seats, strollers, playards, portable cribs and highchairs.   Thanks to baby equipment rental companies you don’t have to. There are many baby equipment rental companies across the US, Europe and worldwide that can provide you with everything you need. Bring your baby and let the equipment rental company take care of the rest.

When you’re thinking about renting baby equipment, the key is to plan ahead. Make reservations early and your trip will be a smooth enjoyable time for the whole family. Below are lists of all the baby equipment rental companies across the US – state by state, Europe, UK, Australia, and around the world. Some companies have multiple locations, while some are small mom and pop businesses that people run from their home. When you’re researching the rental companies, look around their site, compare prices and read their reviews on Google and other sites. Visit their Facebook page and see if they’re active on it. Send them an email and see how quick they respond. A little planning up front, will pay off in the end.

Websites that list rental companies:

The New Parents Guide – The New Parents Guide is one of the best (and original) places to get a very thorough list of baby equipment rental companies. They offer a state-by-state breakdown, along with the most complete list of rental companies outside the US.

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Baby-Equipment-Rental – A good US list of rental companies, but you’ll also find some companies outside the US which are not listed on other sites. Check out this site if you’re heading overseas.

Rent Baby Equipment – Provides a state by state list of rental companies.  As of this posting they did not list any companies outside the US.

Have Baby will Travel – This site provides a alphabetical (by country) list of rental companies. You’ll also find some other helpful family travel information and articles.

Travels with Baby – A worldwide directory of baby equipment rental companies.

Companies with multiple locations:

Travel Babees – Travel Babees has multiple locations across the US, including Arizona, California, Georgia, Florida, Hawaii, DC, and Virginia Beach.

Traveling Baby Company – Offers multiple locations across the US. Just to mention a few.. California, Texas, Arizona, Florida, DC, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland and more.

Baby’s Away – Baby’s Away is one of the original baby equipment rental companies with multiple locations. They currently have over 70 outlets in all the popular family travel destinations.


If you know of a company that has multiple locations that rents any type of baby equipment such as car seats, strollers, high chairs, booster seats, toys, diapering needs or any other essentials… please let us know. We’ll be happy to add it to our list above.