Best Family Vacation Resorts (Top Family Resorts and Vacation Resorts)

Family vacation time… it’s the time of year every family looks forward to. The beaches, mountains, lakes, parks, small city or big; family vacation time creates memories that last forever. The parents get a break from work and the kids have fun swimming and playing, so it’s a big decision when it’s time to start planning that family vacation getaway.

There are many family vacation resorts to choose from across the US and around the world. The best family vacation resorts give both kids and parents a vacation they’ll remember. Everyone has their own opinion about what makes the best family vacation resort. Some say the food, some will say its the kids activities. Others say it’s the golfing, spa or swimming. Their are many things that make up the top family resorts and vacation resorts. The key to picking the best family resort for your family is to research your options.

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Below are our favorite sites which list the best family vacation resorts in both the US (United States) and around the world. Some of these sites review the top family resorts, while others may rank or rate the best vacation resorts for families. Do you have a favorite site which lists family vacation resorts? Let us know so it can be added to our list.

The New Parents Guide – this site has an extensive worldwide list of family vacation resorts, broken down in easy to find categories.

The Travel Channel – a list of the top 10 family-friendly vacation resorts / spots.

Family Vacation Critic – a really extensive list of family vacation resorts and hotels across the US and around the world. You’ll find great reviews and rankings of the resorts and hotels on this site.

Family Getaway – The Family Getaway lets you search by destination type, activity¬† (interest) or property type (all inclusive, ranches, etc.). It then breaks the hotels and family resorts down into the proper category. Once you select an area, it will list the resort/hotel and it’s prices and packages along with reviews of the property. I’ve found this site very helpful, although I’ve come across a few hotels that weren’t really as family oriented as others. (Family Vacations) – This is the main entry page for’s family travel section. You’ll find links to many About section that list family resorts, family vacation areas and more. (Family Vacations) – At you’ll find many helpful family travel articles which list and review the best family resorts and vacation spots.