Joovy Twin Roo Car Seat Stroller

The TwinRoo mounts the infant car seats sideways and in opposite directions giving you easy access to your children without the push handle getting in your way. As parents of twins know, sometimes it is essential to take care of each baby independently. By alternating the direction of the seats on the TwinRoo, parents are able to give undivided attention to one twin at a time without interrupting the other. This also allows the twins to see each other and even hold hands. Twins have a unique and special bond and the TwinRoo encourages their relationship. The frame is wider by design to provide maximum stability for your babies. This smaller wheel base allows for super maneuverability and easy handling. It folds up compactly with a one-handed fold for convenience.The TwinRoo uses a simple click-in design and releases with the manufacturer’s car seat release lever. It has an awesome parent tray that is also a bit different for a reason, it’s best if drinks ride below with your child to avoid the risk of spills. The organizer is still in reach while walking and even easier to use when sitting with your child. Secure at this lower level, we added four cup holders for bottles and beverages. Below the carrier is an over-sized basket for a diaper bag and other necessities.The TwinRoo is full of innovation and designed to make your life easier! It features a lightweight compact folding frame, front swivel wheel locks, rear wheel brakes, front wheel suspension, easy to use one-hand fold and latch.
Unique side mount gives you easy access without stroller handle getting in your way
Small wheel base provides easy handling and super maneuverability
Features a one hand fold, front wheel suspension, swivel wheel locks, rear brakes, and large basket