Nuby Digital Bath Time Assorted Thermometer, Clock and Timer

A daily bath is essential to a baby’s hygiene and relaxation. The Nuby bath time floating clock and thermometer can help keep bath time safe and fun. Thermometer: place in bath water. The top part of display will indicate the water temperature. It will display in celsius or fahrenheit. To switch from one to the other, push min and sec buttons at the same time. The temperature of the bath water should be approximately 98.6 F/ 37 C. If the light flashes green, the water is too cold. If the light flashes red, the water is too hot. Auto count up: when the sensor comes into contact with water, the timer will automatically begin counting up, telling you how long your baby has been in the bath. Never bathe an infant for longer than 5 minutes. Clock: to set the time on clock, hold set button until hours begin blinking. Use (+) and (-) buttons to set hours. Press set button again to set minutes. Press set a third time to set high temperature alarm. Press set again to return to normal display mode. Timer: to set the timer, press set button. Use min and sec buttons to add minutes and seconds. Press set again to begin counting down. Time will sound when time express. Press set button during count down to pause the times. Press min and sec buttons at the same time to clear timer. After the time has expired or been cleared the display will automatically return to clock mode.
Safe and accurate; Flashes and beeps when water is too or too cold
3 in 1 design; Floating thermometer, clock and timer
Temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit
BPA free
Characters may vary; You will receive one of the following: a yellow and green turtle or a yellow duck

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