Baby Names & Meanings – Popular, Cute, or Uncommon Baby Names. What’s your choice for a baby name?

Baby names and their meanings are one of the most difficult decisions a new parent has to make. Do you choose a popular baby name, a cute baby name, an uncommon baby name, cool, unique or common name?

For most parents their are ideas floating around in their head long before a baby is even on the way. We’ve all had names we’ve come to love and hate as we grow up. Maybe it’s an old boyfriend or girlfriends name that you don’t like. It could be the name of a movie star you love. We’ll have these names in mind when the time comes to discuss baby names with our spouse. Will they match up with what your spouse likes and dislikes? The odds are against it. When it’s your time to start thinking about naming your baby, keep an open mind.

The decision can’t come lightly. Think seriously if you’re thinking about a baby name that is very unusual. Considering a baby name that has to do with some popular fad going on right now? Think again. You’ll probably not like it 5 years… or worse, your child will hate it when they grow up and end up having to change it. Choose wisely.

My wife and I personally went with a first name for both our girls that is more common. Then both of their middle names are somewhat on the unusual or uncommon side. We did it this way intentionally. Obviously we like all the names we chose. The benefit of this method is your child will have a choice when they grow up if they want to go by the common or unusual name. For example, our oldest daughter is more conservation in her personality. She’ll probably end up using her first name. Our other daughter though is a little wild. She’ll probably end up going by her middle name. It’s there choice… that’s the benefit of giving them both a common and uncommon name.

What was your choice for a baby name? Did you go crazy or did you stick with something common and popular? Still in the process of picking out a name? Share your comments below in the comment area.

Below are some of my favorite sites for baby names and baby name meanings. They’re in no particular order, but these baby name sites will give you some great suggestions if your starting the baby naming process for your boy or girl. Do you have a favorite baby name site? Share it below in a comment.

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