Star Explosion Glow in the Dark by Great Explorations – Product Review

I just recently painted my daughter’s room. She’s 10 now and decided that her pink room should be green… her new favorite color. She took all the artwork off the walls and I painted it a beautiful shade of sea foam green. Later that day I was ready to hang her artwork back on the wall. She put a quick stop to that. Nothing is what she wanted. Just green walls. A few hours later she decided she wanted glow in the dark stars all over the walls and ceiling. She previously had a few stars on her door, but now she wanted them everywhere. I love all things astronomy, so I was all for her idea.

We started searching around Amazon for glow in the dark star sets and found several options. I read through the reviews and most of the reviews for each different product had a complaint or two. Either the stars didn’t glow well or they didn’t stick to the wall. Since no one particular set of glow in the dark stars stood out as the best, I had my daughter pick one. This is where good packaging comes into play. My daughter didn’t care about reviews, she was only looking at the appearance of the box. (Manufacturers, take note!)

My daughter picked the Star Explosion Glow in the Dark set by Great Explorations.

Star Explosion glow in the dark star setThis set comes with over 250 plastic stars and shapes, 2 sheets of paper glow in the dark stars, a star map and adhesive putty for applying the stars. In my opinion the adhesive putty is the only downside of this star set. It’s a 2 x 1 inch piece of sticky putty that you’re suppose to use for applying the plastic stars to a ceiling or wall. Anyone who has used sticky putty before, knows it has very limited use. Keeping an item stuck to the ceiling or wall for an extended period of time is not one of these uses. Save yourself some time from having to reapply the stars and don’t even bother using the sticky putting. I prefer double sided foam tape. It adheres better, especially to a textured surface like a ceiling or wall.

Besides my complaint about the putty, I’ve very happy with this kit of stars. There’s plenty of sizes and shapes to make some really cool patterns or constellations and all the plastic stars and paper stars glow really well. It’s a nice soft green glow.

I give this product a solid 4 out of 5.

Product Rating 4 out of 5