Month: May 2020

Why do children rebel against parents helping with homework?

I remember the feeling when I was a child. My parents wanted to help with my homework, but I didn’t really want the help. I would get frustrated, annoyed but why?

Now I’m getting to experience the same thing my parents did.

Yesterday I was trying to help my 8 year old daughter prepare for a test when all of a sudden I started feeling the attitude. The annoyance. I kept calm and kept trying to help, but then came the comment from my daughter “I can do this on my own.” I had flashbacks of being young and doing the same thing to my parents.

Why do children rebel and get annoyed with parents when they’re trying to help them with their homework?  Is it genetically encoded in us that we don’t want help from our parents? Provide food, clothing, shelter.. and toys, but don’t think about trying to help them study for a test.

My tips for combating this:

  1. Stay calm. Remember you too were once young and did this same thing to your parents.
  2. Keep helping. Again, stay calm. As much as they think they know it all, they don’t. Keep helping and remember it’s for their benefit.
  3. Try helping in a different way. Instead of asking them questions, turn it around and have them ask you questions. It will still make them think about what they’re studying, but doesn’t put them on the spot.
  4. Switch parents. If the dad is helping, maybe the child is frustrated with dad for some reason. Have mom come in for a little while.
  5. Punish them and send the to their room.  Just kidding. My #5 tip would be the same as #1. Stay calm and keep helping.

What are your suggestions, tips and opinions? Share them below.

Monthly Giveaways – May Brings Stroller Giveaways!

Everyone loves free stuff especially new or experienced parents trying to save some money. Thankfully giveaway sites and giveaway blogs are abundant across the internet. If you spend a little time searching, you can enter one giveaway site after another and have a good chance of winning some great stuff if you stick with it.

There are many different types of giveaway sites. Some concentrate only on giveaways, while many other review products and then giveaway the product they review. This is a win-win-win situation since the company putting up the product gets a review along with potential customers the site or blog reviewing the product gets free stuff for themselves and their visitors and you and I end up getting free stuff.

There are blogs and giveaway sites which cover baby items, toddler items, family stuff, electronics, and everything in-between. If you’re looking for a particular type of product, search for that term and put giveaway, contest or sweepstakes after the item you’re looking for. For example, if your looking for a diaper bag. Search Google using the term “diaper bag giveaway” or “diaper bag contest”. By narrowing down your searches you’ll usually find what you’re looking for. Or if you just want to check out all the giveaway sites do a more general search such as “giveaway site for baby” or “giveaway and reviews for parents”. You’ll be amazed at what you can find with a little looking.

Below are a few of my favorite giveaway sites for baby, toddler or family related items. Some of these giveaways sites can be found on our Fresh Giveaway page.

  • Mommy and Me Giveaways – giveaways, product reviews, coupons and more
  • Baby Giveaways Galore – giveaways, reviews, recipes
  • Oh So Savvy Mom – giveaways, reviews, travel and more
  • Mommy Living the Life of Riley – product reviews, giveaways, family fun and more
  • Thrifty Nifty Mommy – giveaways, reviews and other free stuff
  • Mommy of two little monkeys – reviews, contests, recipes
  • Frugal and Fun Mom – reviews, giveaways, recipes and family fun

Do you have a favorite giveaway site or blog? Let us know and we’ll add it.

Understand More About Graco Stroller Recall

Guest post by Stella at Double Strollers HQ

When we buy a strollers or walker for our little ones, we certainly would like to keep in mind quite a few things. First and foremost, we would like to keep in mind the safety and security of the little one and as responsible and loving parents we would never like to make any compromise on this. Though there are quite a few brands that are available in the market today, there is no doubt that the brand name Graco always comes to our mind.

For the past many years, they have always been in the forefront of offering new solutions as far as baby strollers are concerned. They are a company who believe a lot in research and development and when coming with new products or modifications to existing product variants, they always have kept the safety of the little ones always in their mind. Their concern for safety of the children has in fact made them hyper sensitive to quality and today many people would be aware of the phrase Graco Stroller recall.

This is all about recalling strollers or their accessories and spare part should there even be a slightest complaint about the quality of such products from a few quarters. If there is a increase in the threshold limit as far as number of complaints are concerned, the company does not hesitate to recall the entire lot of manufacture, whether it is the whole batch of strollers or the various accessories that are under question.

There are quite a few points that are worth mentioning as far as the recall policies of Graco brands of products and accessories are concerned. Here are a few important points that are worth considering:

  • They have come with stringent recall norms and policies keeping in mind the simple fact that those who are in the helm of affairs are parents themselves. Hence they would not like to do anything that compromises the safety of other parents’ children even minimally.
  • They have a website which gives full information on all Graco Stroller recall Hence customers can be aware of the various types of products that have been recalled over a period of time. This without any doubt is the height of transparency and a true example of perfect corporate governance.

So at the end of the day while buying a stroller the customer could have many choices, it certainly makes sense to have a look at the Graco brand products before evaluating others.